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Love may be the most stimulating and energising feeling, emotion, drive... It has many definitions and no definitions all at the same time, but we all know what love is.

Love is the ruler. It’s the birth of Happiness & Abundance, the magic key that opens doors to infinite happy places.

Love is inspiration. It has many forms and facets and it is much more than the physical expression of biological desire. Practicing the art of Love daily can help us to heal the negative conditions of our life and when it's expressed in our personality we will have a quality of the divine.

The attributes of Love are Understanding, Compassion and Forgiveness.

Do not wait for an auspicious moment to manifest the positivity of Love and always look for occasions where you can hold a loving thought... Give some Love, it will save you from hate!

“Love knows a secret, fear can kill your heart" said Tom Jobim... and hate can kill your heart, body and soul. Florence Nightingale knew the secret too and used this magic key to heal the soldiers in the battlefields during the Crimean War.

Richard Earl Milnes (Monckton Milnes) wrote "He who for love hath undergone the worst that can befall, is happier thousandfold than one who never loved at all." 

The Latin root word “am” means Love (I AM). This Latin root is the word origin of many English vocabulary words, including amateur, amatory, amenity and many others. The Latin root word “am” is easily recalled through the word “Amor”, which is the word for Love in Spanish, Portuguese and also Latin, or the Italian “Amore” and the French “L’Amour”.

Who will you show some love to today?

Bring Love to the frontline because life responds to Love. Hope these words be of great benefit to you.

We wish you LOVE!

Fenix, a state of mind.

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