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Fenix Incense / Meditation Day 2021

World Meditation Day is a call to the world to take time and part in this ancient practice.

Here at Fenix, we believe that rituals and meditation play an essential part in mental health, personal well-being and development. We love what we do and for us incense goes far beyond aroma. It is a powerful medium that helps us alter our state of mind and the space around us for the better... when made with love, good intentions and selected raw materials.

Meditation is vital as a way of easing stress and reducing anxiety levels. It encourages us to be present and to live in the moment, reducing distractions and helping us to remain focused when we need to be and to improve our overall productivity.

It’s a moment of pause, a time to step back, sit still and find a peaceful moment for yourself, within yourself. To clear and expand the mind, to become aware, breathe and reconnect.

To celebrate the day/week, we are offering a 15% discount on all collections. Simply sign up for our newsletter and enter the code MEDITATE at the checkout.

Offer ends on Monday, May 31st  at 11:59 pm.

Thank you for your kind support.

Fenix, a state of mind.